Helping endangered monarch butterflies, Affordable suburban housing in Milwaukee

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Monarch butterfly on a flower
Image by Bill Barlow from Pixabay 

Last week, monarch butterflies were classified as endangered in North America. We learn how we can help protect the species. Then, the Milwaukee County executive shares plans to build affordable housing in the suburbs.

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  • Migrating monarch butterflies are endangered in North America. What does that mean for Wisconsin?

    The International Union for the Conservation of Nature added the migrating monarch butterfly to its list of endangered threatened organisms. We talk with a conservation biologist and a sustainability manager to learn more about what people can do to help the species and other pollinators.

  • Milwaukee County funding affordable housing in the suburbs

    Milwaukee County plans to use $19 million of American Rescue Plan funding to build affordable housing in the Milwaukee suburbs. We talk to the county executive about the plans, and get updates on efforts to reduce racial disparities and improve residents’ health.

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