Help identify places that lack internet, Report argues for charges against Wisconsin’s fake electors

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internet connection hardware and wires
In some places in rural Wisconsin, high-speed internet connections are not available. Charles Krupa/AP Photo

We discuss a national map that outlines regional internet access. The Federal Communications Commission’s deadline to challenge the accuracy is next week. We also examine a new report that argues 10 fake electors from Wisconsin should face state charges.

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  • Deadline to comment on federal broadband maps approaches

    The Federal Communications Commission has created maps showing broadband access around the country — which will affect what areas will qualify for expansion grants. Residents can comment on the accuracy of the maps until Jan. 13. The chair of the governor’s broadband taskforce updates us.

  • D.C. attorney makes case for prosecuting Wisconsin’s 2020 fraudulent electors for Trump

    A former federal prosecutor argues in a new report for the filing of state charges against the ten Republicans in Wisconsin who put themselves forward as a slate of electors for Donald Trump, despite the fact Joe Biden narrowly won the state in the 2020 presidential election.

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