Harriet Tubman’s $20 Bill Debut Pushed To 2028, Moving Home After College

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Change on top of twenty dollar bills
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Originally planned for 2020, the new $20 stamped with Harriet Tubman’s face won’t come for a while. We hear why, and learn how American currency gets changed. Then, summer brings students back home to live. We find out how and why the dynamics change, and how to more peacefully coexist.

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  • Release Of New $20 Bill With Harriet Tubman Delayed

    A redesigned $20 bill featuring the face of Harriet Tubman was supposed to debut next year, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin now says we won’t see the new bills until 2028 at the earliest. We look at the delay, as well as the process of how American currency gets changed.

  • Coexisting With Family On College Break

    When the college semester ends and students come home for summer, the dynamic between child and parent might feel a little — or a lot — different. A clinical psychologist helps us understand how differing expectations around laundry, curfew and autonomy can become new points of contention, and how parents and children can work through these changes.

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