Growth in US manufacturing, Rising municipal debt in Wisconsin

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Sparks fly as a welder works on a frame for a school bus
Sparks fly as a welder works on a frame for a school bus. AP Photo/David Goldman

A reporter for The New York Times delves into the growth in domestic manufacturing. A researcher from the Wisconsin Policy Forum explains why local government debt in the state is on the rise.

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  • Is the United States having a manufacturing boom?

    Jobs in manufacturing are growing in the United States, leading to comparisons of the 1970s manufacturing heyday. We talk to a reporter from The New York Times about why companies are adding manufacturing jobs, where the growth is occurring and what it means for the Rust Belt and our economy.

  • Wisconsin cities, villages face record setting debt

    A new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum shows Wisconsin cities and villages are facing record levels of debt. An author of the report discusses what is causing the debt and what can be done.

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