The Growing Awareness Of Noise Pollution

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A workers operates a jackhammer in New York City's Times Square
A workman uses a generator-powered jackhammer in New York’s Times Square in New York in December 2013. Iconic Times Square can be a noisy place with car horns, aircraft flying overhead and construction. New York now has one of the nation’s toughest noise codes, requiring construction sites to have a noise mitigation plan. Excessive noise from restaurants, sidewalks, even garbage trucks is illegal. Richard Drew/AP Photo

Evidence is growing that noise — from airplanes, traffic, construction, loud music, businesses and more — causes higher rates of cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and hypertension, and it impairs learning and childhood development. We talk to an advocate about why noise is a problem and what can be done.

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  • Joe Tarr Producer
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  • Les Blomberg Guest

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