GOP Reaction To Special Session On Gun Safety, Poll Finds Greater Trust In SCOTUS Than Congress

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Gov. Tony Evers
In this June 20, 2019, file photo, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is surrounded by Democratic lawmakers and members of his Cabinet at a Capitol news conference in Madison, Wis. Scott Bauer/AP File Photo 

Gov. Tony Evers called a special session on gun safety legislation. A Republican leader shares his reaction. Then, a new poll finds that Americans trust the Supreme Court more than Congress or the president. We delve into the results.

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  • Republican Lawmakers React To Gov. Evers' Special Session On Gun Control

    Governor Tony Evers wants legislators to consider gun safety laws and has scheduled a special session for that purpose next month. Republican leaders say they won’t entertain such laws. Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke offers his position.

  • Poll: More Trust In Supreme Court Than Congress, President

    A new national poll from Marquette University’s law school found that Americans place substantially more trust in the U.S. Supreme Court than either Congress or the president. We discuss public opinion of the high court with the poll’s director.

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