GOP Might Reject Evers Cabinet Pick, Challenges For Indigenous Scholars

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Evers announces cabinet picks including Brad Pfaff
Gov. Tony Evers, left, announces the appointment of Rebecca Cameron Valcq, Craig Thompson, Mark Afable, and Brad Pfaff in December 2018. Laurel White/WPR

First, we get details on the unfolding political battle over the nomination of Brad Pfaff to serve as secretary of the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Then, a journalism professor joins the program to discuss barriers that Native Americans face while pursuing academic jobs.

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  • GOP Leader: Not Enough Votes To Confirm Gov. Evers' Cabinet Pick

    Last week, GOP leaders asked Gov. Tony Evers to withdraw his nominee for secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The agency’s leader, Brad Pfaff, remains unconfirmed and may lose the job he has held for nearly a year. We get details and discuss how cabinet confirmations work.

  • Indigenizing Research Institutions

    About 7 percent of Native Americans receive an advanced graduate or professional degree, according to federal health authorities. Our guest discusses the challenges that indigenous scholars face in research institutions and in pursuing a career in academia.

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