Going Forward After The Kavanaugh Vote, ER Doctors Experiencing Violence On The Job

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Experiencing violence on the job is becoming a bigger problem for some emergency room doctors. We hear from a researcher about what is happening and how it can affect the working environment. We also hear about the results of the Kavanaugh vote and what’s next from here.

Featured in this Show

  • The Senate Votes On Kavanaugh. What Now?

    In a dramatic weekend vote, the United States Senate has officially weighed in on the confirmation of judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We get the latest on the Senate’s decision, the public reaction to the vote, and the political implications going forward.

  • Violence In The Emergency Room

    Emergency room physicians say they’re seeing more violence on the job, according to a new report. We talk with a researcher about what’s behind that, how physical abuse affects medical professionals both in and out of the ER, and what it would take to improve conditions.

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  • Charley Jacobs Guest
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