Getting Through Tornado And Tick Season, How Online Contracts Work

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An average of almost 23 tornadoes hit Wisconsin each year. We talk to a meteorologist about how they work and how to stay safe this tornado season. It’s also tick and mosquito season, and we hear from an expert about what to expect and what researchers are learning from a new smartphone app. Plus, we talk about what people are agreeing to when they agree to online terms and services.

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  • Preparing For Tornado Season

    It’s tornado season and Wisconsin averages almost 23 tornadoes per year. We look at the dangers that come with this force of nature and when it’s time to take shelter. Plus, our guest shares how tornadoes are monitored.

  • What Researchers Are Learning About Ticks From New Smartphone App

    Wisconsin had more than 3,000 estimated cases of Lyme disease last year — a sharp increase from a decade ago, according to state health authorities. We talk with a UW-Madison researcher about what to expect from this year’s tick and mosquito season, and what researchers are learning about ticks from a new smartphone app.

  • What Are We Agreeing To When We Agree To Online Consumer Contracts?

    Many of us have clicked the “I agree” button on online contracts without actually reading them — they’re long and difficult for people without a law degree to understand. But what are we actually agreeing to when we agree to online terms and services? Often, it involves signing away legal rights like being able to sue in court. Our guest explains.

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