Foxconn Water Diversion Approved, UWEC River Research, Women’s World Cup

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Lake Michigan shoreline
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A Wisconsin judge upholds the DNR’s decision to divert water from Lake Michigan for Foxconn. Plus, we hear what UW-Eau Claire students learned about The Chippewa River Valley and the history that goes along with it. We also take a closer look at the Women’s World Cup happening in Paris.

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  • Judge Approves Foxconn Water Diversion

    A Wisconsin judge approved diverting up to seven million gallons of water from Lake Michigan for Foxconn. The ruling comes more than a year after Racine’s application was approved by the DNR. Our guest explains what this ruling means and why environmental groups challenge the decision.

  • Students Contribute To Decade-Long Research On Chippewa River

    Students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire have spent a decade studying the Chippewa River Valley. Their research shows how exploring the history of our geography can help us manage and understand its present. One of the project’s leads joins us to share what’s been learned and what’s left to uncover.

  • What To Watch For In The Women's World Cup

    The Women’s World Cup started last weekend, and continues into early July. A sports writer joins us to talk about what we should watch for over the next month, the dominance of the U.S. women’s team, and fights for equal compensation.

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