Foxconn Update, Police Misconduct Payouts

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We dig into Foxconn Inc.’s changing plans for a technology manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Then, we learn about the results of a national investigation into how much major U.S. cities have paid settling police misconduct lawsuits. (Spoiler: It’s a lot.)

Featured in this Show

  • New Partnership Between Foxconn And Fisker Inc.

    Foxconn recently announced a partnership with Fisker Inc. to produce 250,000 electric vehicles annually. A reporter explains what this new deal looks like and gives an update on the status of other products expected to be produced at the Mount Pleasant facility.

  • Do Lawsuits Reduce Police Misconduct? New Report Finds More Than $3 Billion Spent Over Last 10 Years

    How much does police misconduct cost taxpayers? That’s the question reporters from FiveThirtyEight and The Marshall Project have tried to answer with a new report digging into civil lawsuits paid out over the past decade. We talk with one of the journalists about the findings.

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