First Responders Now Being Vaccinated, Restaurant Association Pushing For To-Go Drink Sales

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Illustration by Kristian Knutsen; image via Staff Sgt. Alex Baum/Wisconsin National Guard (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

First, we hear about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines for emergency medical workers. Then, we learn about how restaurants and taverns may soon be able to sell alcoholic drinks to go — with special sealed lids — in an effort to boost their financial situation.

Featured in this Show

  • EMS Workers Navigate Unique Pandemic Challenges

    COVID-19 vaccines are now being given to first responders, including paramedics and firefighters. We learn about the immunization process for emergency medical workers and how the pandemic has affected their work.

  • Proposal Would Allow Alcoholic Drink To-Go Sales

    Under proposed legislation, restaurants and taverns could soon sell alcoholic beverages — such as mixed drinks or glasses of wine — in a to-go fashion, just like food. A representative from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, which strongly supports this idea, joins us to discuss how much this would help struggling eateries.

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