First graduates of genetic counseling program, Scrutiny focuses on schools

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DNA double-helix
Thomas Wensing (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We explore the growing field of genetic counseling with the program director at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Then we look at efforts to foster equitable educational opportunities.

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  • National advocate for students talks debt relief and policy goals

    We talk with the president and CEO of a national organization focusing on equity for all school-aged students in the midst of what the Associated Press calls a “math crisis.” We also hear about student debt loan repayments and the state of DEI efforts within U.S. schools.

  • Medical College of Wisconsin aims to help fill demand for genetic counselors

    According to the Medical College of Wisconsin, nine students graduated this year from the college’s new Genetic Counseling Master of Science Program. The program director details the 21-month program as well as the need for genetic counselors.

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