Farmers’ Market Season, Wildlife Refuge Celebrates 40 Years Of Sandhill Crane Safety

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With spring comes the opening of thousands of farmers’ markets across the state. We learn how to make the most of this year’s season and hear about some of the challenges facing markets. We also celebrate forty years of protection for sandhill cranes on the Fox River National Wildlife Refuge.

Featured in this Show

  • Making The Most Of The Upcoming Farmers Markets

    Farmers market season is upon us, and Wisconsin has hundreds of them revving up to get going. We sink our teeth into what makes the state’s unique, and talk about what produce people can find this spring, summer and fall. We also discuss the unique challenges these markets face.

  • For 40 Years, Sandhill Cranes Find Safety At Wisconsin Refuge

    Forty years ago this week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service purchased hundreds of acres in central Wisconsin to protect sandhill cranes. A biologist from the agency joins the program to discuss the anniversary of the Fox River National Wildlife Refuge and efforts to restore the sanctuary for wildlife populations.

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