The Evolving Science Of Road Salt, Accommodating Those With Dementia This Holiday Season

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Icy conditions, and the hazards they create, are often fought using road salt. We learn about some alternative options and why they might be more beneficial. Then, holidays can be an extra source of stress for caregivers. We discuss how to make gatherings enjoyable for folks with dementia and those that tend to them.

Featured in this Show

  • How To Cut Your Spending On Road Salt

    With icy conditions in the forecast and the official start of winter around the corner, we catch up on the evolving science around road salt. We discuss different options for fighting ice and the environmental risks of using too much salt.

  • How To Make Holiday Gatherings Inclusive For Relatives With Dementia

    A geriatric psychiatrist joins us to give tips on how to make family gatherings enjoyable and inclusive for relatives with dementia. We also learn how caregivers can manage the extra stress that comes with the holiday season.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Keegan Kyle Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Hilary Dugan Guest
  • Art Walaszek M.D. Guest

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