The Ethics Of Lab-Grown ‘Minibrains,’ Voting Security

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Scientists can create pieces of the brain to mimic and research how they work, but there are concerns about the ethical components to this research. We talk with a professor of bioethics and philosophy. We also discuss why some election experts are strongly suggesting we go back to paper ballots for the next presidential election.

Featured in this Show

  • Are Lab-Grown “Minibrains” Ethical?

    Today, scientists can create bits of human brain to mimic and study the human condition. But without a clear understanding of human consciousness, some are worried about how ethical the research is. A bioethicist joins us to discuss life’s big questions.

  • A Conversation On Election Security

    A new national report is suggesting states make changes – like use paper ballots – before the 2020 election. We talk with election officials about the report and about Wisconsin’s election security efforts.

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  • Carrie Kaufman Host
  • Laura Pavin Producer
  • Breann Schossow Producer
  • Insoo Hyun Guest
  • Kevin Kennedy Guest
  • Meagan Wolfe Guest
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