Economist On Trump’s Trade Policies, Why EMS Workers Are Sleep Deprived

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Traders at the New York Stock Exchange
Traders Gregory Rowe, left, and Daniel Kryger, center, work with specialist Mario Picone on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019. Stock markets turned higher on Tuesday as China stabilized its currency after allowing it to depreciate against the dollar in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to put more tariffs on Chinese goods. Richard Drew/AP Photo

An economist discusses public opinion on the president’s trade policies and whether he thinks those policies are working. Then, we discuss the repercussions of a new study finding that many of America’s sleep deprived workers are emergency response employees.

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  • Economist: Trump's Trade Policies Are Working

    A recent poll by Marquette University found many Wisconsinites are skeptical that imposing tariffs on foreign products would help the U.S. economy. Democrats largely agree that tariffs hurt the economy while Republicans are more split. We talk with an economist about tariffs and President Trump’s continuing trade wars.

  • Study: EMS Workers Are Sleep Deprived

    A new study shows that nearly 50-percent of sleep deprived Americans work in the emergency services field. An officer explains how a lack of sleep can affect judgement calls. Plus, we’ll learn what’s being done at the local level to combat this issue and ensure officers stay well rested.

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