Economic growth, Homemade food sales, New vehicles in 2024

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The sale of homemade cookies would be restricted under a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature. Whitney (CC-BY)

Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still joins the show to outline why the state’s $3.1 billion surplus should be invested. Then, a leader of the state’s cottage food producers criticizes a legislative effort to regulate the industry. Then, we look at new cars models rolling off production floors this year.

Featured in this Episode

  • State Capitol Report: How to use Wisconsin’s projected budget surplus

    Wisconsin is projected to have a budget surplus of more than $3.1 billion by the end of the budget cycle in June 2025. We talk with Tom Still, the president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, about how he thinks the surplus could be used to grow its economy.

  • State Capitol Report: Bill would restrict homemade food sales, industry leader says

    If home-based chefs and cooks make more than $20,000 a year selling their food, a proposed law would require them to get licensed and use a commercial kitchen. The president of the board of the Wisconsin Cottage Food Association says the bill would deny a living to her constituents.

  • Looking ahead to the new vehicles of 2024

    Milwaukee and Chicago are hosting auto shows this month showing off vehicles on the horizon. We speak with the editor-in-chief of Car Talk to look ahead at the car market of 2024 and to talk about favorite vehicles on the market now.

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