Dogs Could Help Identify Coronavirus, Pandemic Hurts Tax Revenue

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Empty highway in Milwaukee
The onramp to the Hoan Bridge is void of traffic Tuesday March 24, 2020, in Milwaukee. Morry Gash/AP Photo

We hear from a researcher who is working with dogs to determine whether they can detect COVID-19. We discuss how canines could help as societies reopen. Then, tax revenues may be significantly lower than projected as a result of the pandemic. We find out what that means for public budgets and services.

Featured in this Show

  • Can Canines Smell COVID-19?

    As a pre-testing and screening technique, animal researchers are exploring the possibility of dogs being able to sniff out the difference between those who do and don’t have COVID-19. We talk to the researcher leading the study and training the dogs.

  • How Fewer Tax Collections Could Affect Local Services

    Wisconsin’s state budget is likely to take a hit as taxpayers spend and earn less during the pandemic, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum. We discuss how the shift in revenue streams could affect state, municipal and school spending.

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