DNR Releases Plan For Clean Water, Refugee Resettlement Patterns, News Round-up

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We look at the Department of Natural Resources’ plan to achieve cleaner drinking water and how that compares to legislative efforts. Then, we discuss how changes in federal immigration policy have affected refugees in Wisconsin. Plus, Wisconsin Public Radio’s La Crosse reporter runs through her latest stories.

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  • State Efforts To Achieve And Maintain Clean Drinking Water

    At the request of Governor Tony Evers, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released a report outlining how the state can achieve and maintain clean drinking water. A DNR representative joins us with the details. We’ll also discuss how this plan aligns with legislative efforts on water quality.

  • A Look At Refugee Resettlement Trends In Wisconsin

    There were big changes in federal immigration policy in 2019, including the number of refugees allowed to resettle in the U.S. We talk about a new report from WisContext that looks at how those changes affected refugees in Wisconsin.

  • News Round-up With WPR's La Crosse Reporter

    Wisconsin Public Radio’s La Crosse reporter, Hope Kirwan, joins the program to discuss some of her recent stories. We discuss Mississippi River shipping woes, how campuses respond to sexual harassment cases, debate over a massive transmission line, upcoming elections and more news.

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