Department Of Veterans Affairs Secretary Mary Kolar, Coronavirus Causes Meat Processing Plant Closures

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The leader of Wisconsin veterans affairs shares an update on the veteran benefits available during the coronavirus pandemic and how VA homes are taking precautions. We also discuss adjustments to the state’s Memorial Day observance. Then, we learn how Wisconsin’s food supply chain may be affected by meat processing plant closures.

Featured in this Show

  • Resources For Wisconsin Veterans During Coronavirus Pandemic

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused the economy to plummet and many Americans are facing financial stress. Gov. Tony Evers suspended provisions for low-income veterans to access emergency aid. Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs joins us with the details of the program and shares other resources for Wisconsin veterans.

  • Meat Processing Plant Closures Potential Impact On Wisconsin Food Supply

    Outbreaks of COVID-19 have hit meat processing plants across the nation. The number of employees infected has caused some pork, beef and poultry processing plants to temporarily halt operations and experts are now anticipating a shortage of meat. We discuss the impact these closures have on Wisconsin’s food supply chain.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Jana Rose Schleis Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Mary Kolar Guest
  • Jeff Sindelar Guest

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