Deer Crashes Hit Peak Season, What Tree Rings Reveal

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Trees in the UW-Madison Arboretum
When the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum was dedicated in 1934, research director Aldo Leopold outlined the focus of re-establishing “original Wisconsin” landscape and plant communities there. Melissa Ingells/WPR

June is peak season for car-deer crashes and our guest explains how to handle the unexpected. Plus, we explore tree rings, what they say about nature, and we also take a closer look at Wisconsin’s tree species.

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  • June Marks Peak Month For Deer Crashes On Wisconsin Roads

    Wisconsin drivers reported more than 20,000 crashes involving deer last year. Over 500 people were injured. A state transportation official explains why June is normally a peak month for deer crashes and what drivers can do to stay safe.

  • What Tree Rings Can Tell Us About Local Climates

    Some of the best climate historians on the planet are trees. Due to the longevity of some species, scientists can gather information about past seasons, weather patterns and regional climates from tree rings. We’re exploring what Wisconsin’s trees have to say about the state’s climate history. Later, we discuss how the changing climate is impacting certain tree species with cultural significance for tribal nations.

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