Debt Relief For Farmers Of Color, Monthly Payments For Parents Will Begin Mid-Summer

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a woman places red tomatoes onto a small scale
Bao Xiong weighs tomatoes Friday, Sep. 11, 2020, at Cameron Park Farmers Market in La Crosse. Angela Major/WPR

We take a look at a new economic relief program that provides billions of dollars for farmers of color. Then, we hear about new monthly payments for parents and child guardians to help them through the pandemic.

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  • Debt Relief Is Coming For Black Farmers

    Farmers of color can expect billions of dollars in debt relief and other assistance through the latest COVID-19 relief package. Some experts say this is the most significant legislation for Black farmers since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We discuss what this means for the legacy of Black farming in America.

  • New Monthly Child Payment Program Aims To Provide Stability For Families And Reduce Poverty

    Parents and guardians of almost 70 million children in the United States stand to receive a new monthly payment as part of the new federal pandemic relief bill President Joe Biden signed last week. We dig into the payments to explore who gets them and how they will help struggling families.

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