A Day In The Life Of A Career Groundhog

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Groundhog Club co-handler John Griffiths holds Punxsutawney Phil, the weather prognosticating groundhog, during the 132nd celebration of Groundhog Day on Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pa. Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. Phil’s handlers said that the groundhog has forecast six more weeks of winter weather. Gene J. Puskar/AP Photo

What does Groundhog Day feel like when it’s the biggest day of the year, the day you’ve spent months preparing for, the day that you were actually born for? We explore what Groundhog Day is like from the groundhog’s perspective, and take a look at the history behind the weird custom.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Colleen Leahy Producer