CWD And Wisconsin Elk, Freight Shipping Expected To Increase In Coming Years

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An elk
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A reporter explains how chronic wasting disease could affect Wisconsin’s fragile elk population. Then, we discuss a study finding that freight shipping could increase drastically over the next few decades, and what that could mean for the state.

Featured in this Show

  • How CWD May Impact Wisconsin's Elk Population

    With Wisconsin’s wild elk population numbering only in the hundreds, some are concerned about the risk chronic wasting disease may pose to the animal. We learn more from the associate editor of WisContext, who’s been following the issue.

  • Study: Expect More Freight Shipping In Coming Decades

    The value of products shipped in Wisconsin via freight will increase 81 percent over the next 25 years, according to estimates by a national transportation research group. We discuss the study and what more trucks on the freeways could mean.

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