COVID-19 Cases Increase In Northern Wisconsin, Obtaining Voter ID During The Pandemic

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Shay Dam, near Mercer, Wisconsin
Photo taken from Shay Dam near Mercer, Wisc. chumlee10 (CC BY 2.0)

A region in northern Wisconsin is seeing more positive cases of the coronavirus despite its low population. We check in with a public information officer in Iron County to learn more. Then, we’ll talk about how to obtain a voter ID through the DMV as the pandemic continues.

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  • What COVID Looks Like In A Rural Northwoods County

    Iron County, with about 6,000 residents and no hospitals, has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases of Wisconsin’s northernmost counties. An Iron County Health Department official shares what the pandemic has been like for them, and what has contributed to the rise in cases.

  • DMV Check-In: Obtaining Voter ID

    Like in elections past, Wisconsin voters will need an ID to cast a ballot next Tuesday and again for the presidential election in November. We talk with a DMV administrator about how the pandemic has affected things for those needing a voter ID and other agency changes.

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