Coronavirus: How Wisconsin College Students Are Adjusting, Communicating Risk To Young People

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We learn how UW-Madison students are acclimating to college life in a pandemic. Then, amid UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank’s call for a two-week lockdown, we look at how risk can be effectively communicated to young people.

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  • UW-Madison Students Cope With The Pandemic

    With a growing number of COVID-19 cases confirmed at UW Madison, Chancellor Rebecca Blank directed students to restrict their movements. We speak with the chair of the Associated Students of Madison about how students are coping with the pandemic and what they think of the university’s restart plan.

  • How To Convince Young People To Reduce Risk-Taking In A Pandemic

    In her letter calling for a two-week lockdown, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank singled out undergraduates for not following social distancing guidelines. A researcher explains what we know about communicating risk and encouraging safe behaviors in young people.

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