Contest-Winning Cookie Recipes, Legal Challenge To New Early Voting Laws

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A law signed by Gov. Walker after the lame-duck sessions limits early voting to no more than two weeks before an election, but a group of attorneys have banded together to ask a federal judge to block enforcement of the new law. We talk to an expert on political and election law for more details. We also hear about the best cookie recipes to come from 16 years of intense cookie-baking competition.

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  • The Art Of The Cookie Contest, Holiday Cookies

    The holiday season often serves as an opportunity for family to come together and bake old favorites and try new food trends. We turn to the long-time editor of the Minnesota-based Star Tribune to learn about the newspaper’s cookie contest and talk about the role of baking in our lives.

  • Lawsuit Targets Early Voting Changes In Wisconsin

    After changes were made to Wisconsin’s early voting laws by Governor Scott Walker and the state legislature in a December lame-duck session, a coalition of liberal groups, backed by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is now mounting a legal challenge. An expert on political and election law breaks down the case and what’s at stake.

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