Considering Direct Primary Care As Healthcare Solution, Summer Camp Nostalgia, Dane County Flood Update, Lawmaker Reaction To New UW-System Budget Proposal

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In the direct primary care model, patients would pay a doctor a monthly fee versus paying per visit or a service, sort of like a subscription. We discuss whether this sort of model would be practical and affordable for Wisconsinites. We also talk about the greatest lessons of summer camp, what’s happening in Dane County after the floods, and the reaction to the UW-system budget proposal.

Featured in this Show

  • New Health Care Model: Direct Primary Care

    A report from Wiscontext details a new method of health care called direct primary care. Supporters say it’s a personal approach that’s affordable. Skeptics worry it serves only people of privilege. We talk with a reporter who explains how it works and what we don’t know about direct primary care.

  • Wisconsin Weekend: Celebrating Summer Camp

    Summer camp can be a highlight of the year for many. Join us for an exploration of the best memories and lessons from this experience.

  • Check In On Dane County Following Heavy Rains, Flooding

    Heavy rains from earlier in the week and flooding continue to cause challenges for Dane County. We check in with the county executive about the latest problems and how they’re being dealt with.

  • Reaction To The University Of Wisconsin System Budget Proposal

    The University of Wisconsin System released a budget proposal that includes funding for a number of programs aimed at increasing schools’ capacity to prepare students for careers in high-demand fields like technology and health care. While that’s pleased some lawmakers, others worry that this is ‘inappropriately political.’ We check in with a WPR News reporter for the latest reaction to the proposal.

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