Confirmation Hearings For Evers’ Cabinet, Detergent-Related Injuries Increased With Introduction Of Laundry Pods

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Tide Pods with warning label
On this Thursday, May 24, 2012, file photo, a warning label is attached to a package of Tide laundry detergent packets in Houston. Procter & Gamble says it’s working to stop the “Tide Pod challenge,” a social media-fueled trend in which teenagers eat single-load laundry detergent packets. AP Photo/Pat Sullivan, File

Detergent pods became infamous in 2017 after a video stunt but the problem with these brightly colored detergent pods goes far beyond the so-called ‘Tide Pod Challenge’. We talk with a reporter about the problem these pods pose to children. We also discuss the confirmation hearings for Governor Evers’ cabinet.

Featured in this Show

  • Check-In On The Confirmation Hearings Of Evers Administration Officials

    Confirmation hearings for members of Governor Evers’ cabinet have kicked off. We turn to Wisconsin Public Radio’s State Capitol Reporter to learn about the issues that arose during the hearings and what to watch for during the confirmation process.

  • Discussing The Success, Public Safety Challenges Associated With Laundry Pods

    Laundry pods are considered an innovation – they’re compact, easy to use and pleasant to look at. But they also can pose a threat to public safety. Our guest journalist joins us to walk through the history of the product and to consider the state of detergent-related injuries in the U.S.

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