Climate Change Legislation In Coronavirus Relief Bill, Disease Threatens Coffee

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Dana Kelley Urges Utilities To Transition Away From Fossil Fuels
Dana Kelley has been urging utilities like We Energies to transition away from fossil fuels in power generation.
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We talk to a journalist about a disease threatening coffee plants. Then, we dig into climate change policy items included in the latest federal stimulus bill package.

Featured in this Show

  • Coffee Rust Threatens Economies, Biodiversity And Our Caffeine Habits

    A disease once isolated on the other side of the globe is destroying coffee plants throughout Central and South America. Our guest is a journalist who explores what it means for the global economy, for genetic science and for coffee drinkers around the world.

  • The Climate Legislation In The Stimulus Bill

    The stimulus package that President Trump signed into law last week includes the most significant measures in a decade to fight climate change. We talk with an analyst from the Natural Resources Defense Council about what the legislation does and what more is needed.

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