Chronic Wasting Disease Update, Foxconn Construction Concerns, Seat Belt Laws

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We get an update on the DNR’s latest efforts to monitor CWD ahead of this year’s deer hunting season. Then, as Foxconn continues construction, a WPR reporter shares the concerns coming from homeowners. Plus, we dive into new data with a transportation official to examine seat belts laws in the state.

Featured in this Show

  • DNR Announces Steps Aimed At Chronic Wasting Disease

    As the start of Wisconsin’s deer hunting season approaches, state authorities this week announced new steps aimed at addressing the spread of chronic wasting disease, a contagious and deadly neurological disease. Our guest shares details.

  • Property Disputes And Foxconn Development In Mount Pleasant

    Foxconn development is humming along in southeastern Wisconsin. The Village of Mount Pleasant has used eminent domain to acquire land for the industrial project. WPR’s reporter has been following the story and hearing from homeowners about their experiences and concerns.

  • More Wisconsin Drivers Wearing Seat Belts, Surveys Show

    A decade after Wisconsin passed a law allowing police to stop drivers over seat belt violations, the state has logged steady improvement in the safety device’s use. A state transportation official joins the program to discuss surveys, state laws and more on seat belts.

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