Children face cognitive delays during pandemic, Arts organizations see signs of recovery

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Baby being fed by a nurse
A nurse feeds a newborn with a bottle. Wade Payne/AP Photo

A Wisconsin organization discovers that children isolated during the pandemic are facing developmental delays. Our guest explains the recent finding. Then, we talk with the head of the Wisconsin Arts Board to learn how the state agency is strengthening the arts in communities.

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  • Local organization says Wisconsin children under 5 facing developmental delays due to pandemic

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that child aid organization First 5 Fox Valley found children faced delays in a variety of motor and communication skills during the pandemic. We speak with the director of the organization about why these delays happen and how parents can address delays early.

  • Arts Board outlook for 2022

    A recent report from the Policy Forum shows significant signs of recovery in Wisconsin arts after receiving nearly 6 percent of pandemic funds while other states averaged less than 2. We speak with the executive director of the Wisconsin Arts Board on the outlook and challenges of 2022.

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