Child Labor In Chocolate Industry, Food Pantries Fight Against Hunger

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A reporter explains why the global chocolate industry continues to grapple with child labor and how consumers can respond. But first, the operator of a Middleton food pantry discusses how community groups across Wisconsin are trying to address hunger, especially around the holidays.

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  • Local Perspective On Food Pantries

    More than 500,000 people in Wisconsin struggle with hunger, according to Feeding America, a national clearinghouse for food donations. On this Thanksgiving Day, we take a closer look at food insecurity in the state. Our guest explains how one food pantry is working to end hunger and homelessness.

  • Why Child Labor Remains A Problem In The Chocolate Industry

    Child labor is such an extensive problem in cocoa farming that some of the world’s largest chocolate companies can’t guarantee their products are made without it. Our guest has reported on the industry for years. She explains why these problems persist and what consumers can do about it.

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