Child Abuse Case, Sewage Overflows, Coronavirus Explained

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The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Deep Tunnel
The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Deep Tunnel is a 521-million gallon storage system 300 feet underground that collects wastewater and stormwater until it can be treated and discharged. The tunnel has helped the district treat more than 98 percent of its wastewater in a typical year, but increasingly intense rains are adding stress to the district’s system. Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

The chief medical officer of Wisconsin’s state health agency explains how authorities are responding to the coronavirus. But first, we discuss how hospitals handle child abuse cases and why Wisconsin experienced a spike in sewage overflows in 2018.

Featured in this Show

  • Pediatric ER Doctor Charged With Child Abuse

    Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is reviewing how it handles child abuse cases following an NBC News report that says pediatricians misstated evidence leading to a family’s separation. The NBC News reporter who broke the story joins the program.

  • More Sewage Spilled Into Wisconsin Waterways In 2018, WPR Analysis Finds

    In 2018, Wisconsin experienced the most sewage overflow events since 2010, according to a WPR analysis of state records. A reporter explains the numbers and how some communities are trying to prevent discharged waste from entering waterways.

  • What To Know About Coronavirus

    China has quarantined more than 50 million people as it struggles to contain coronavirus, which has infected more than 7,700 people and killed 170. We talk with Wisconsin’s chief medical officer about what you need to know and precautions the state is taking.

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