The Changing Conversation About Alien Visitors

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An image from a Navy jet of an unexplained flying object
In this image from video provided by the Department of Defense labeled Gimbal, from 2015, an unexplained object is seen at center as it is tracked as it soars high along the clouds, traveling against the wind. “There’s a whole fleet of them,” one naval aviator tells another, though only one indistinct object is shown. “It’s rotating.” The U.S. government has been taking a hard look at unidentified flying objects, under orders from Congress, and a report summarizing what officials know is expected to come out in June 2021. Department of Defense via AP

For years, the Pentagon has been investigating UFO sightings and is expected to report findings this month. We talk with the author of a biography about a Harvard psychiatrist who took accounts of alien abductions seriously as we learn how the conversation about possible alien visitors is changing.

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  • Joe Tarr Producer
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