The challenges of plastic recycling, Resources for prisoners

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Plastic water bottles are seen bundled up in a bag
Plastic water bottles are seen bundled up in a bag belonging to a person who collect bottles for the refund on March 27, 2019, in New York. Mary Altaffer/AP Photo

We explore the plastic recycling process and what it takes to keep the material out of landfills. Then, a former prisoner shares his efforts to expand resources for incarcerated Wisconsinites.

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  • Why is plastic so difficult to recycle?

    The “chasing arrows” recycling symbol is stamped on most plastics, but recycling these materials remains complicated and challenging. We talk to a New York Times’ environmental reporter about why it’s so difficult to recycle plastic and how it could be easier.

  • Shannon Ross is 'All In' on justice reform

    Shannon Ross describes himself as “a formerly incarcerated dreamer.” We talk with him about the nonprofit he founded while serving 17 years for homicide, and how he’s expanded the effort with a podcast and newsletter that reaches 10,000 people in the Wisconsin prison system.

Episode Credits

  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Joe Tarr Producer
  • Mackenzie Krumme Producer
  • Maria Lopez Technical Director
  • Winston Choi-Schagrin Guest
  • Shannon Ross Guest

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