Bears awakening, Midwest video game publishers, Wisconsin’s young workers

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We discuss reports of black bears awakening earlier than normal from hibernation amid Wisconsin’s warmer winter. Then, a former Netflix employee shares his vision for creating a hub for video game development across the Midwest. Then, a panel of leaders in economic development talks about ways to attract and retain young professionals in the state.

Featured in this Episode

  • A warmer winter means Wisconsin black bears are awake earlier

    Complicating the work of researchers, a warmer winter is awakening black bears earlier from hibernation. We talk bear behavior with the founder of the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota.

  • Expanding the video game industry in Wisconsin

    The majority of video game companies largely stick to coastal tech hubs, according to GamesBeat. We talk with the founder and CEO of a Green Bay-based publisher, which aims to promote game development across the Midwest and in other underrepresented areas.

  • How to attract and keep young professionals in Wisconsin

    Like many states, Wisconsin has struggled to retain highly educated workers. We discuss what communities can do to become more attractive to young workers. Then, the head of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation outlines the state’s recruitment efforts.

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