Balloons Not So Much Of A Party To Environmentalists, Write A Will To Secure The Future

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We use balloons for many of our celebrations, but after letting go of that helium we don’t think much about its final destination. We talk with an environmental expert about the consequences involved with where those balloons end up. We also discuss how and when to write a will to prepare for your passing.

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  • Are Balloons The Next Big Environmental Concern?

    Everyone loves balloons, right? Well, not so fast. Environmental researchers are pointing out that what goes up, must come down…and in the case of balloons released into the sky, they’re often coming down in our waterways, threatening marine life and creating a mess. Now, much like plastic bags and straws, some are pushing for balloon bans, especially when it comes to mass balloon releases. An environmental justice reporter joins us to examine the emerging debate over balloons, and how we should…or shouldn’t…be using them.

  • Why Having A Will Is A Good Idea

    Aretha Franklin, known as the Queen of Soul, had no will when she died earlier this month. We talk with an estate lawyer about challenges posed when there isn’t estate planning, how to start the process and how to maintain a will once it’s completed.

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