Avian influenza, Milwaukee area food bank, Efforts to reduce school bullying

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Bird flu
A flock of young turkeys stand in a barn. Charlie Neibergall/AP File Photo

We hear about efforts to prevent avian flu in Wisconsin. Then, we learn about reducing hunger in the Milwaukee area. Then, three guests share perspectives and approaches on preventing and stopping bullying in schools.

Featured in this Episode

  • Preventing avian flu at poultry farms

    As migratory birds return to Wisconsin, the state agriculture department warns they could spread highly pathogenic avian influenza to poultry farms. We talk with the North American representative of a company that uses lasers to ward off migratory birds. Then, a poultry specialist delivers an update on avian flu in Wisconsin.

  • Efforts to reduce food insecurity in Milwaukee

    Leaders from Milwaukee County Parks and Hunger Task Force discuss efforts to reduce food insecurity in southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Preventing school bullying

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction says bullying is a widespread concern in schools. We discuss the agency’s efforts to reduce bullying. Then, a South Carolina principal shares how to create magic in the classroom and prevent bullying.

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