App Could Help Travelers With Disabilities, Why Representation Matters In Children’s Literature

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For travelers with disabilities, flexibility in timing and planning is a must due to not knowing which areas or buildings will be accessible. We talk to the developer of a new app that could give people with disabilities more knowledge in advance. We also discuss what diverse characters and cultural representation in children’s books does for a child.

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  • Traveling With A Disability? There Could Soon Be An App For That

    Accessibility is something that people with disabilities have to consider while planning their travels — but that information isn’t always available. Our guest is developing an app to help fix that.

  • Addressing Representation In Children’s Literature

    Actress Viola Davis recently wrote a sequel to the beloved children’s book “Corduroy.” The book was so important to her as a child, and still as an adult, because the character was an African-American girl. We discuss whether diverse representation in children’s literature and media impacts their perceptions of gender and race. We also explore how public libraries and school address the issue.

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