America And International Climate Change Efforts, Milk Pricing Fluctuates

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A group of cows standing in the stable stock.
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First, a journalist explains why President-elect Joe Biden wants the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Then, we talk to a dairy farmer about the drop in milk prices and how the industry can survive.

Featured in this Show

  • Biden Plans To Re-Enter The Paris Climate Accord

    The U.S. left the Paris climate agreement last week but Presiden-elect Joe Biden wants to re-enter it as soon as possible. A reporter explains the ins and outs of the international climate accord and why it matters.

  • Pandemic Causes Milk Pricing And Demand Concerns

    Experts say that as the pandemic continues, the dairy industry is seeing record-breaking milk price volatility. A dairy farmer details the current state of supply and demand and explains how farmers are handling the situation.

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