Age Discrimination In Targeted Ads And At Work

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In this photo taken Aug. 23, 2013, David Mintz poses for The Associated Press inside his business, Tofutti, in Cranford, N.J. Mintz, the Tofutti CEO, maker of dairy-free products, says he wants his employees at Tofutti to have the trademarks of youth: energetic and enthusiastic, fresh thinking and quick to catch on, able to work at a frenzied pace, starting the day early and working late. He’s finding them in older workers. Julio Cortez/AP Photo   

Social media networks allow companies to advertise to whomever they wish with amazing precision: white female millennials, new dads, art-loving libertarians, Spanish-speaking sports enthusiasts — you name it. But they also allow companies seeking to hire new employees advertise to a certain age range, so people outside of that age range will never see it. This hour, we talk about how Facebook, Google and other tech companies might be skirting the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. We also discuss how common age discrimination is, how to recognize it and what to do if you think you might be a victim.

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