After Impeachment, Johnson Talks State Of The Union, Elections Oversight

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President Donald Trump
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As the Senate prepares to likely acquit President Trump, we examine what’s next in Washington. Then, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson will discuss the latest issues impacting Wisconsin. Finally, the Federal Elections Commission explains navigating quorum-less leadership heading into the 2020 elections.

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  • The Legacy Of Impeachment

    The impeachment of President Donald Trump ended on Wednesday with his acquittal. But the trial’s legacy on our democracy and country is likely to stay with us for a long time. We talk with a constitutional scholar about what it means and what consequences there may be.

  • Sen. Johnson On Impeachment, State Of The Union

    We get reaction from U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson about the (expected) conclusion of the impeachment trial. Plus, we’ll discuss President Trump’s latest State of the Union address and other news out of our nation’s capital.

  • How A Federal Elections Watchdog Is Navigating 2020

    The Federal Election Commission doesn’t have enough appointed members to form a quorum, leaving the campaign watchdog incapable of fulfilling certain tasks. We discuss how the agency is navigating quorum-less leadership, the 2020 elections and ongoing investigations of President Trump.

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