Afghanistan refugees in Wisconsin, New mental health ‘warmline’

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A father, mother and their son stand side by side at the Fort McCoy base
Amruddin, Seema and Masroor Nabizada are pictured at Fort McCoy, an Army base in Monroe County, Wis., in December 2021. The Afghan evacuees have been resettled in Rockville, Md. They had hoped to be placed near other family members in Richmond, Va. Photo courtesy Khushnood Nabizada

First, we get an update on Afghanistan refugees resettling in Wisconsin after the American military withdrawal in 2021. Then, the supervisor of a new mental health “warmline” discusses the need for mental health care support services.

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  • Afghan refugees continue resettling in Wisconsin two years after Taliban returns to power

    The American military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 sparked the largest evacuation of wartime allies since the Vietnam War and included more than 20,000 at-risk Afghans, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Two years later, we revisit ongoing efforts to support resettling Afghan refugees in Wisconsin.

  • New "warmline" provides non-emergency mental health support, Update one year after 988 rollout

    A new “warmline” launched last week aiming to support people needing mental health support and conversations, but not emergency services. The program’s supervisor explains. Then we catch up on how the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is doing nearly one year since the launch of its three-digit number.

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