Addressing The Loneliness Epidemic, A Year Of Reporting On Marijuana In Wisconsin

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Feeling lonely can have an impact on our mental and physical health. A healthcare professional joins us to discuss ways to address America’s loneliness epidemic. Then, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has spent a year reporting on marijuana in Wisconsin. We talk to the center’s managing editor about what they’ve learned.

Featured in this Show

  • How Healthcare Professionals Can Address Loneliness

    A Cigna survey recently revealed that nearly half of Americans always or sometimes feel alone. In addition to impacting our mental health, loneliness can affect our physical wellbeing. Our guest explains how healthcare professionals can help.

  • Marijuana In Wisconsin

    Advocates say medical marijuana can be lifesaving. Those against it warn of the drug’s potential to trigger episodes of psychosis in certain people and the dangers associated with youth smoking. An editor from Wisconsin Watch discusses what her organization has found about marijuana in the state.

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