2020 Candidates Keep Wisconsin In Mind, UW-La Crosse Leading The Way In Eliminating Plastic Waste

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Wisconsin has seen visits from several 2020 candidates in recent weeks, including President Trump who visited Green Bay this past weekend. We talk with a political analyst about Wisconsin’s role in the campaign trail to 2020. We also find out how UW-La Crosse has faired under the first year of a plastic-straw ban.

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  • Wisconsin Drawing Attention Far Ahead Of 2020 Election

    Wisconsin is shaping up to be a major election battleground in 2020, with President Trump and several Democratic presidential candidates visiting the state in recent weeks. We hear from a political analyst and talk about future developments to watch.

  • What's Ahead For Single-Use Plastic In Wisconsin?

    A new program in its first year at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse bans single use plastic straw from campus except under special circumstances. We check in on the program with a student government official, then talk with an environmental advocate about single-use plastics and plastic recycling in the state.

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