Wildlife update: Helping out mudpuppies, watching for foxes and coyotes and celebrating conservation

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Heard On The Larry Meiller Show
A mudpuppy, which looks like a slimely dark brown lizard, sits in a bucket.
An adult mudpuppy found during a snorkeling survey over the summer. Surveys consist of flipping rocks until locating a mudpuppy. After all data is collected, mudpuppies are released back under the rock that they were originally found. Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wildlife experts Jamie Nack and David Drake are back to share how anglers can look out for mudpuppies. Plus, they’ll give an update on a project documenting urban foxes and coyotes and celebrate forty years of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Natural Heritage Conservation Program.

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  • Larry Meiller Host
  • Clara Neupert Producer
  • Trina La Susa Technical Director
  • Jamie Nack Guest
  • David Drake Guest

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