What Operating Systems Upgrades Mean for Your Computer

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Operating systems upgrades are a fact of life for computer users. Larry Meiller finds out if they are always recommended, and which upgrades are just out, or on the horizon.

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  • Computer Expert: Lost Admin Password Isn’t End Of The World

    The average computer user likely has many passwords to keep track of, especially if they follow expert’s common advice not to use the same password for any two websites. Usually, it’s just a nuisance to reset a forgotten password, but sometimes, a forgotten password can mean big trouble.

    Peter Greene, a computer consultant with InfoStar.com, compiles many useful resources on his website to help users who are struggling with computer-related problems.

    One listener of “The Larry Meiller Show” wrote a question via email to ask about resetting of recovering a forgotten administrator password on a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 operating system. She wrote that while the guest account is accessible, the main login was impossible to access. She said that calling Toshiba’s help desk didn’t solve the problem.

    Greene recommended the person so to the home page, then find Virus Info Center in the left navigation bar and then scroll down to Emergency Utilities. There, people will find links to both Ultimate Boot CD and the Emergency Recovery Utility NT, or ERUNT.

    For either of those options, a person will need to download the software and burn it to a CD. Then, when they reboot the computer, it will ask them if they want to reboot from disk, to which they’ll want to say yes. Then. it will allow the user to reset the administrator password.

    Greene said that he actually carries copies around with him as he works with clients because it is such a common problem.

    He said not to be thrown off if it looks like an unfamiliar interface because it isn’t opening up in a Windows operating system in order to be able to “do its thing.”

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