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Trying to save money when booking flights can seem like a lot of work. Larry Meiller and his guest talk about a simple solution to saving money on airfare.

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  • Convenient Flights Significantly Increase Prices, Travel Expert Says

    For some, inconvenience is worth the cost of better flight prices. But, that could mean taking a 6 a.m. flight instead of an 8 a.m. or leaving on a Tuesday instead of a Friday.

    Rick Seaney, the founder and CEO of, said there are some airlines that charge as much as 100 percent times more than connecting flights. The reason is all about convenience, he said.

    “If (the airlines) think the flight is more convenient, they will charge a premium for that,” said Seaney.

    Unless people filter their display, they won’t see the premium fee flights appear in their Internet search. It’s only when they click filters like “nonstop” or “shortest duration” that they appear, allowing users to only see the more expensive flights.

    Usually the price of nonstop flights is 15 to 20 percent more than connecting flights. Seaney said that sacrificing time can save money.

    “You may be willing to trade off some of that time for the savings you get on those tickets,” Seaney said.

    Taking connecting flights can be better than they appear. He offers a few ways to make the most of one’s traveling experience found on his website. One idea is making a side trip wherever the layover may be.

    Some layovers can be as long as 24 hours, which allows people to make plans to explore the city and get some site seeing in before their final destination.

    Seaney said it basically comes down to the question of how much people value their time.

    “If you value your time, you’re going to pay that extra fee,” he said.

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